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Rap Artists: A Dying Breed


Rap Artists: A Dying Breed


Rap Artists: A Dying Breed
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Patrick_F_Gray]Patrick F Gray

Most youngsters these days say they wish to be rap artists. As a product of the hip-hop generation and one who may have been inspired by rap songs for a few decades, a number of these teenagers are followers of the art form and its cultural impact. However, the rap game is not the opportunity that it once was for young Black artists and business owners. As a matter of fact, the music market is a sinking Titanic.

The truth is, most rappers, singers and entertainers are broke or financially-challenged...

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How To Make Beats – Want To Make Rap And Hip Hop Music Like The Chart Toppers? Read On!



This article will tell you how you can quickly and easily get started making some beats on your computer. If you have done any research on how to make rap and hip hop beats you will see that although there is the odd forum with a few bits of advice, there is not really a step by step guide for the newbie to get started.

This is because mostly to make the sort of beats that you hear in your favorite tunes you would need a recording studio to get the same king of quality.

This is where you can run into problems, of course if you have the money and the time to learn all about music production then it could be the start of your new favorite hobby, however sadly alot of us are not in that position.

Which leads us to the question: “How can I get started making rap beats fast?”

Well you...

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