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Sagging the Pants – Hip Or Hype

Sagging the Pants – Hip Or Hype?


Sagging the Pants – Hip Or Hype?
By []Kenny Leones

We have seen it often enough, mostly in young men, sagging pants that show off almost half of their boxers. Perplexing and troubling it may seem to some; this popular trend has been in mainstream street fashion for a couple of years now. While a few people may never understand the reason behind the question Why Do People Sag Their Pants; it has become a huge part in pop culture that when once it was looked upon as distasteful and perhaps even disturbing; nowadays, it has evolved into an acceptable mode of fashion.


There have been quite a few stories going around about the exact beginnings of the habit of saggi...

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Where did the word Ghetto come from?

A street or city section where only Jews lived. The word ghetto was first used

in Venice in 1516, as part of the phrase “Geto Nuovo,” meaning “New


This referred to the closed Jewish section of the city, which had

originally been the site of a foundry. During World War II the Jews of Eastern

Europe were forced to leave their homes and move to ghettos where they

were held essentially as prisoners.

So when did it become an americanized term and how?   We have sayings like

thats ghetto, your ghetto, ghetto music, you live in the ghetto.


Why do we have a ghetto mentality in the inner city?  Where did this way of thinking come from?  Who sowed the se...

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