Minority Scholarships For Women – Do You Qualify For a Free College Education?

Minority Scholarships For Women – Do You Qualify For a Free College Education?


Minority Scholarships For Women – Do You Qualify For a Free College Education?
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Lots of women from minority backgrounds are from low to middle income households. Many of these have no other family members with a college education. You could be a single mom returning to work after a break to raise your family. Maybe you’re looking to advance your professional career by taking some vocational training or higher degree. Or perhaps you’ve never had a chance to study and would like to undertake your first degree. Whatever your situation, don’t be discouraged. More than likely there’s a specific funding source that suits your particular set of circumstances.

Where To Apply.

It’s not just educational establishments that offer scholarships for minority women. There’s a wide range of institutions you can apply to. The main sources of funding include:

college and university programs
 professional organizations
 charitable and non-profit bodies
 corporate donors

STEM Subjects

Over the course of history, many academic disciplines have been dominated by middle class white males. Women have traditionally had a higher representation in areas such as education, the arts, health care and administrative roles. For this reason, many colleges and universities offer scholarships in the so-called STEM subject areas. STEM stands for science, technology engineering and mathematics, but also includes law, business and medicine. In particular, engineering scholarships for women are very popular and millions of dollars each year are allocated to students from minority backgrounds to redress this imbalance.

Types Of Minority Groups

Women minorities fall into several groups. Each one has their specific needs. Here are the main classifications according to government statistics.

African American women

Scholarships for black female students help to bridge ethnic and gender related economic barriers, making a college education a real possibility possible for underprivileged minorities. The African Americans have traditionally been the largest minority group in America, although today this is debatable with the growth in the Hispanic community. The most well known body for advancing the educational needs of African American men and women is the The United Negro College Fund. The UNCF, with it’s motto “A Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Waste” has been responsible for sponsoring the education of over half a million black students in the United States and is funded by many different organizations including the Bill and Melinda Gates ( of Microsoft) Foundation.

Hispanic Women

It is undeniable that the Latin and Hispanic community in the United States is growing at a phenomenal rate. Individual scholarships for Hispanic women are widely available from a number of nationwide sources. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the Hispanic Association of Colleges And Universities all provide education information educational prospects for women from Hispanic backgrounds who are thinking about going back to college.

Asian American Women

A smaller but significant minority group are Asian American women. Statistics have shown that this ethnic group attends college more than other minorities and there are fewer drop-outs. However if you’re in this group and have missed out on your education, the Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC) aims to increase the number Asian American students in universities nationwide

Interracial And Mixed Race Women

A newer trend in the world of educational funding are scholarships to cater for men and women from mixed heritage backgrounds. Many women from interracial backgrounds are from lower economically deprived backgrounds and miss out on other type of minority awards as they don’t fall into any one particular category. Keep your eyes open for specific terms like interracial, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic scholarships as many universities are now catering specifically for this small but significant minority group.


If you’ve never heard of this term it stands for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender community. Women who fall into this category are often marginalized from wider society and can find it hard if they want to pursue a college education. Many organizations now cater specifically for this group and can help you find a scholarship to suit your particular needs and career goals.

Native American Women

Native American women are often the smallest minority group on college campuses. Many women fro this group come from difficult economic circumstances. This is widely recognized and many organizations are willing to lend a hand to prove educational funding to suit your needs.

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