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Why Men Really Do Need a Cave



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Enter man caves. Whether we’re building a boat, playing computer games, reading car magazines, listening to loud music, working on a motorcycle, or watching action movies or five sports games at once, man caves serve a basic psychological function, even if the guy is aware of it or not. And it’s especially vital if the guy’s emotional needs aren’t being met in other spaces. (Sorry, honey, but that fake moss inside a cloche is doing nothing for me.)

“It’s a way of saying, ‘I love my family and flowers, but that’s not what I need to regulate my emotions,’” Gosling says. “Man caves are the architectural equivalent to hanging out with your mates.”

So you see? We are fragile emotional beings. We just need a kegerator (a refrigerator for a keg of beer) and power tools to cope.

When it comes to designing and outfitting a man cave, Gosling says it’s extremely important that there is no compromise. (Shall I repeat that, ladies? No compromise!)

That’s because a space that properly satisfies and regulates emotional and psychological needs is much less likely to evolve if someone else influences the outcome.

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